You are able to see all of your organization's events from your organization's dashboard. This conveniently lists all of your events in one place for easy management. 

View Event List

From your Dashboard, select the organization or business unit whose events you want to view. To help you find the event that you are looking for you can filter the list of events - just click the filter button to reveal the filter options. You can do this by when the event is happening (Upcoming, In-Progress, or Over) or by status (Active or Archived). If there are a large number of events associated with your account you can search for a specific one by typing the name of the event into the search box. The list will automatically refresh with the results.

The list of events displays additional details about the event, including the number of registrations and check ins, the dates the event takes place, and any tags added to the event.

Tip: If your organization has many events add tags to your events to categorize them -this way when you search for specific events it’s easy to find them.